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What is Dividend Investing?

fts stock history

In your reading this article then congratulations are properly in order.  You’ve worked really hard, saved your money and reached the point where you want to invest your money.  You might even know a little about dividend investing but you still have questions. What exactly is dividend investing? How is a dividend growth investing different from every [...]

Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

Every investor should understand the fundamental relationship between risk and return.  Sadly however many investor the swept up the current investing fade (see tech bubble, housing bubble and peak oil) or a hot stock tip that got from a friend or so called financial guru on TV. By understanding your risk profile you can develop [...]

TSX 60 Dividend Data

Welcome back everybody.  Below you’ll find a list of the TSX 60 and their recent dividend performance.  As you can see, despite all being the biggest companies in Canada each company seems to have a different approach to dividend yield.  While you’re looking at the data try to focus on the sector of the stock [...]

Will high yield stocks will cost you in the long run?

Dividend investing has gained popularity as a great way to develop passive income while protecting your initial investment.  However one of the common mistakes that dividend investors make when they start out is that they simply focus on the highest yielding dividend stocks.  The thought process is fairly simple: Company A is yielding 3% and [...]