Top 10 Canadian Dividend Stocks

Smart Dividend Growth has analyzed Canada’s top 100 dividend stocks and narrowed the list down to 10 great companies that will provide a solidreturn on investment for the long-term. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re in the process of rebalancing your portfolio all these stocks should be on your watch list.


Are all these stocks in your portfolio?

How we graded the companies

Our Top 10 Canadian Dividend Stock list took into account many factors including: yield (how much is the dividend), reliability (how safe is the dividend) and value (price of the underlying asset).

Requirements to be considered for our List

1)      Yield greater than 3% and lower than 9%.  In an effort to eliminate companies with

2)      Dividend payout ratio less than 80%

3)      P/E ratio less than 15


TickerCompany NameSectorPriceYieldPayout Ratio
SLFSunLife FinancialFinancial$28.884.99%51.00%
PWTPenn West PetroleumEnergy$22.554.79%48.00%
COSCanadian Oil SandsEnergy$28.334.24%79.00%
RYRoyal BankFinancial$54.573.96%55.00%
BNSBank of Nova ScotiaFinancial$57.273.61%45.00%
AGF.BAGF Management LtdFinancial$18.735.77%79.00%


Overall you can see that the energy and financial sectors are very well represented in the list above.  In future posts we will discuss the importance of proper asset allocation across different sectors and countries.


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