Smart Dividend Growth Blogging Goals

So after launching the Smart Dividend Growth blog back in June I have realized that I’m not producing the quantity or quality of posts that I originally had in mind when I launched the site.  Sadly we had a tragic accident in my office resulting in the death of a coworker and then a week later I was transferred from Vancouver to Newfoundland, Canada.  Needless to say my life hasn’t been the most stable lately.  With the ongoing move to the east coast and an upcoming wedding and honeymoon (did I mentioned that I’m getting married) I will really have a full plate over the next couple of months.  Therefore I decided to sit down and write out my goals for the website so that you (the reader) can hold me accountable.

1)      Ensure that I regularly post new articles with great content

I should easily be able to post 2-3 great posts each and every week.  Therefore I’m committing to write at least 2 great articles a week until September. However I am planning to take part of September off for my honeymoon (after all I’m only on planning having one honeymoon).


I’m going to start my summer writing series with an investment series that provides some of the basic knowledge required to understand dividend investing and why it is so powerful. I’m also going to start an investment series on the steps need to rescue your investment portfolio and start generating a regular dividend stream. Finally I’ll use some these concepts by analyzing some of the world’s best dividend paying stocks.


2)      Grow the Smart Dividend Growth’s readership to over 10,000 visits/month 

Thank you to everybody out there that is reading my blog but I have a long way to go before I can consider this a successful blog. The reason I started this blog was because I believed that too many people from my generation simply lacked the knowledge and resources to properly invest their money for the future.  I think I have an interesting perspective on investing that would be helpful to most people.  So if you like what you’re reading please leave a comment or tell a friend.


3)      Start Writing my first e-book 

By Christmas of 2011 I would like to have my first e-book available for download. Entitled “Dividends 101: An Introduction to Basic Dividend Investing” (This is still a working title) I planning on offering this e-book for free to help steer people in the right direction. This book will be designed to give a starting point to everybody that is new to the site.


4)      Develop relationship with other financial bloggers

There are a ton of fantastic financial bloggers out there right now that are producing great content.  I don’t want to regurgitate what they have already produced; instead I want to work with them so that we can educate the masses together.   So to help develop my website I’m looking to produce at least 1 guest post a month once I’ve proven that I’m the real deal.

Now this is where you come in.  I developed some personal goals for the site and what I want to see produced but what do you want?  I would love to hear from you? Are you interested in more how-to articles or do you want to know more about me as a person?  Feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly, I always look forward to hearing from my readers.

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4 Responses to “Smart Dividend Growth Blogging Goals”

  1. Great goals SDG! I’d be happy to write a guest post for you to set to post during the time you will be on your honeymoon. :) It’s a great strategy that you can use to set the publish date in the future. Helps to keep the site running even though you are on vacation. :) Let me know…

    • admin says:

      Sounds like a great idea. If you’re interested then contact me direct and we can talk about what kind of articles you’d like to post.

  2. Neil says:

    I like the look of your site and I will be checking back regularly.

    Good Luck!

    The Dividend Noob

    • admin says:

      @Dividend Noob
      Thanks for taking a look. If you ever have any suggestions for improvement I’d love to hear them.

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